FWCC Membership

Who is eligible to join ?

Any company, association, or individual interested in the successful operation of the Fixed Service is invited to join the FWCC.

Benefits of membership

FWCC members enjoy:

  1. The opportunity to shape federal policy and regulations relating to the Fixed Service
  2. Continuing access to timely information on regulatory proposals and developments relating to the Fixed Service
  3. Ongoing participation in a like-minded community.li
  4. In addition, members involved in their own regulatory and court proceedings often seek and receive technical or legal assistance and public support from the FWCC.
Right of Dissent

Not all members agree with every position taken by the FWCC. Any member has the right to indicate its dissent from any publicly accessible document (such as a docket filing with a court or governmental agency) filed by the FWCC.

Member Contributions

Activities of the FWCC are supported by the voluntary contributions of its members. Suggested contributions are generally lower for associations than for profit-making companies, and individuals are not expected to contribute financially. All members are asked occasionally to contribute in kind, most often through research or the drafting of documents.

Membership Inquiries

Contact us at Membership Inquiries for more information on becoming a member of the FWCC.

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