The Fixed Wireless Communications Coalition, Inc. (FWCC) is a coalition of companies, associations, and individuals interested in the Fixed Service -- terrestrial fixed microwave communications.

Our membership includes: manufacturers of microwave equipment, licensees of terrestrial fixed microwave systems and their associations, and communications service providers and their associations.

The membership also includes: railroads, public utilities, petroleum and pipeline entities, public safety agencies, and/or their respective associations, telecommunications carriers, landline and wireless, local, and interexchange carriers, and telecommunications attorneys and engineers.

Our members build, install, and use both licensed and unlicensed point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and other fixed wireless systems, in frequency bands from 900 MHz to 95 GHz.

Based in Washington, DC, the FWCC speaks for the Fixed Service community before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, other governmental agencies, and the courts.

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